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It would be ironic ...
yo dude thanks man. ...
yo dude thanks man.. i hated b.ball till i watchd dis vid.. i hated it coz i ddnt knw how it goes.. u even got my lil cuzin doin it.. thanks foa change of flavour.. dis mike dwn here in new zealand..BIG RESPECT 2 A TRU SOLDIER
age 16 6"2 Bench ...
age 16
Bench 185
Squat 225
DeadLift 275
Age 16 Weight ...
Age 16

Weight 102lb

height 4'9

bench 75

squat 62.5

deadlift 82

Football Fundamentals for Freshers

Football is not only popular and played in America, it is a sport universally loved by many billions of fans. The American football style is adopted in other regions such as Europe and Canada who have their own football leagues. If you happen to be a great enthusiast and hopeful of taking up this wonderful sport, finding out football fundamentals for freshers is a wise move. Also there are many people who watch this game on television avidly without realizing the full impact and intricacies involved. Therefore, some basic technical information will be useful for either party.

Essentially what appear in the game are two teams comprising 11 players in each side trying to kick and juggle a ball taking it up and down in the field with the sole aim of scoring points. However, though the rule specifies only a maximum number of 11 players can play in the ground at a given time, total number of players in a team could be much more than that. Usually professional teams comprise of about 53 players in total. The reason is that each position represents a different role within the football game and therefore ample back up support has to be provided for each position. These positions are divided in to three main categories.

-* Defense
-* Offense
-* Special Teams

The defense players play on the linebackers, defensive line and other safety positions. The quarterback, running backs, linemen, tight ends and receivers all combine in forming the offense. Football has special rules for both offense and defense players for lining up the ball. Players pay a lot of attention in their game strategy for lining up the ball as this move can be used as a game ploy in confusing the opposition team and making them uncertain of the team’s next move. A special team will include kickers, punters and place holders. Some professional level teams even include a few extra players who are highly competent in returning kickoffs.

Offense players will juggle the ball towards end zone of the field. A team receives a score of 6 points when a player takes the ball across end zone. Once this is done the team can score an extra point with a field goal or two points by making a conversion. Normal length of football grounds are approximate 120 yards but the game is played only within 100 yards as balance is equally divided to make room for end zones for both teams.

Kicking field goals and getting a safety which means tackling the opposition quarterback while he remains in his end zone are other ways of scoring points in American football. When a player gets a kick through an upright, it is a field goal. If the player succeeds in getting the ball through the post, his team score will increase by 3 points. A safety will add two points to the score.

The sport can be easily and competently mastered by young players as they contain ample energy, zest and adaptability that are vital ingredients for football. The sport thoroughly tests a player’s sustainability of momentum. Therefore nurturing their talents from an early stage with rigorous exercise schedules will help build a player's stamina.