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It is not that hard ...
It is not that hard to run one of these cars as long as you have good hand
eye coordination. They run lap times in the 1.7 second range if they are
open cars. The Fins are awesome by the way. Always respected.
no, from the US ...
no, from the US site. just go to amazon,com and search for tomica driving
no, i did not, LOL, ...
no, i did not, LOL, i wish, but i have almost no time for playtime and
besides i have over 600 diecasts.
i am going to be ...
i am going to be yoda use the forse

From Toy Cars to Sports Cars: How to be a motorsport racer

Do you remember when you were a kid and all you ever wanted was the latest toy car? You used to think as if the sports cars on the Gran Prix telecast were just playthings and you could have fun with them while mimicking revving engines with your voice. Every checkered marking on the wall was a race flag and everything around you was just part of the game. As you grow older, reality kicked in but one thing never really changed: You are still fond of paying with cars. Only now, they are no longer toy cars and plastic circuits, but real automobile and motorsport racing.

Not Everyone Is Made for Motorsport Racing

Avid motorsport racing fans think that being able to ride the race tracks is impossible because they could never save up enough money to afford a sports car, even if they try to save their entire life. But the truth is: money isn’t really your biggest challenge. Auto sport racing does not require good driving skills. It requires excellent driving skills. And unfortunately, not a lot of drivers have that potential.

The Importance of Safety in Car Racing

Racing hundreds of miles per hour necessitates utter knowledge when it comes to safety. This is the first lesson taught at every driving school, and as a matter of fact, this is also the first skill that all race car drivers need to master. Even if purpose-built circuits are made to provide maximum safety both to drivers and audience, you can never be sure what will occur during a 400 mile per hour flight. Accidents are your everyday company, and the danger rides with you on the passenger’s seat. Caught up with the rush of adrenaline, it will be nearly impossible for an ordinary driver to keep his head on the right track.

Types of Motorsport Racing

Apart from acquiring the necessary driving skills, an auto racer needs to have full knowledge about other aspects of the road, such as the car maintenance, different types of races and the rules involved in each run. Such knowledge is learned through a lifelong fixation to auto racing and not just by playing simulations. More importantly, a person has to be trained hands-on and he has to be completely involved.

The learning process usually starts with familiarizing oneself to different types of motorcar races:

• Tour car racing
• Sports car racing
• Motorsport or Motor racing
• Stock car racing
• Go kart racing
• Targa rally
• Car rally
• Production car racing
• Single seater racing
• Drag racing

There are other forms of obscure car racing such as historical, off-road and one-make car racing. Additionally, one has to learn sub categories such as:

• Autograss
• Autocross
• Demolition derby
• Dirt speedway
• Board track
• Slalom
• Pickup truck racing
• Drifting
• Hill climbing
• Ice racing
• Midget and Legend car racing
• The mini sprint
• Monster truck rallies

These are only a few sub-categories involved with auto sport racing. Motorsport racing is a profession, and not just a game. And money is not the only challenge to become a real racer. Being able to realize this is your first step to getting yourself from the bleachers and into the race track.